Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our first week

Today completed our first week of helping at the Salesians - it has flown by. We have settled into a routine now that Trisha is recovered from her cold and Alex from his twisted ankle. So now we have Trisha as Mr Lungu's TA, Madi as Mrs Nkosie's TA - both will be taking class for the day on Monday - all luck to them :) Cassie has a difficult job being TA to Carmen and FelEsia has the rewarding position with Mrs Jacoba. Lauren and Rohaise have a great position in the skills unit working with kids learning the skill of leather-making : they have both made some fabulous things too. They are going to open up and run class on Monday. Collin and Alex are teaching use of computers. The classes all have mixed ability but maybe none so much as the computer class where some can do lots but a couple today had never used a mouse. I have been floating - the incoming principle has asked us to write a report for him on what works and what can be done better so we are all keeping very detailed notes. Today, I am proud to say, I taught one of the older girls to knit!

Yesterday we went to see the Second Chance boys home. The wonderful and dedicatated Sarah showed us where the boys sleep and one of the best moments for me was to see our students playing instruments with the 2nd chance boys playing drums in unison.

Collin and Alex talked to Soldier. I interviewed the appropriately named, Wiseman. In a few short words he came to the shelter, aged 14. He is now 18 and just finishing his first year of technical college - mechanical engineering. He says he is proud of himeslf to have been able to achieve so much but always wanted to be adopted because he has never had a Mum to whom he could show his work or even ive a hug to when he got home. One can only wish him ever possible luck in the future - a brave boy who is an example to us all.

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