Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good Morning

I thought I would leave it until Day 2 to tell you about my whole day, yesterday and give a sneak preview of today!

First, back to Sunday. Even in the shiny new, but relatively small, Dripping Springs HEB there is a bewildering array of different types of rice. I had gone for basmati, which I always use when cooking Indian food, but ended up also buying Himalayan brown rice. I had wild rice at home but of course that isn't authentic at all, it isn't a rice and comes from USA! A study of the Internet reveals that there are many rice varieties grown in this part of India and so I will go to Central Market and see what else I can find (www.rice-trade.com)

Also, I decided I would do a deal with my eggs (organic eggs sell for $4 a half dozen at dripping springs farmer market) so that I could buy a garlic, 7tablespoons of oil, 2 tablespoons of white breadcrumbs, a little cilantro and a cucumber. With some of the oil and garlic and all the breadcrumbs I made a lot of gazpacho using the tomatoes, peppers and onions from my garden. Yes, I know this is not authentic but I am sure that they have a similar type of summer soup.

So - DAY ONE -

I honestly couldn't face the thought of rice for breakfast. So I skipped breakfast!

Lunch - cold soup and warm mixed rice - not at all bad

Supper - I fried garlic in a very small amount of oil in a non-stick pan. Then I heated the rice and added an egg which I scrambled to give it an egg fried rice feel. Yes, borrowed from another culture but you try thinking of things to do!!!!!! I sprinkled it with a little fresh cilantro (coriander for UK readers).

What did I drink - tea of course, no milk, and water

DAY TWO - well it is nearly 9am and I still can't face the thought of rice for breakfast. However, my stomach is growling - I have NEVER heard it do that before! So I think I must go and force a little down. I have a headache but I think that is just the dietary change. I didn't expect to be hungry this quickly, not a good sign for the future.

HOWEVER, I saw the TV news about the people dispossessed by the floods in Pakistan and realised that at least I had food; so I am not complaining.

Check in tomorrow....

And remember please, this is not about me, consider donating and please make other friends, family and acquaintances aware of the problems.

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