Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How does the garden grow?

An Indian farmer in debt bondage would have about an acre on which to grow crops for sale and food for his family. Our vegetable garden has 6 beds which are, averaging them, 12ft long by 2ft wide. They are under the care of my husband, I grow flowers, principally roses, so my part of the garden is useless for these purposes.

Of course, my long-suffering husband didn’t know he needed to grow enough vegetables to keep me healthy during the diet, and, anyway, there is not much which grows in the heat of the Texas summer. So my audit of the garden is:

Bell Peppers, lots of them

Tomatoes, lots of them

Okra (which I hate) lots


Rocket – very old and woody

Some small lettuce plants hiding under the okra for shade.



1 cabbage

I don’t think I will be making a lot of money from the sale of these!


To add insult to injury, our chickens have decided it is too hot to lay more than 2 eggs between them a day. They normally lay 1 each so I am hoping for a return to cooler weather.

What is more disturbing is that we have a rat snake. We have been tolerating him/her because s/he steals just a few eggs whilst, we am told, keeping other snakes out of the area. He is a bit freaky to find in the nesting box when collecting eggs so Walter, my husband, has to collect eggs after dark!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I am now getting protective of my eggs so if anyone knows a way to keep out that snake please let me know!

More soon...

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